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Centenary Rose

The WITS  Rose was commissioned to celebrate our Centenary and 100 years of excellence.

This item cannot be shipped and must be COLLECTED from your nearest Ludwig’s Nursery – see list of branches here

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The special qualities of this magnificent new rose variety are the dense formation of very firm petals that give the open blooms the strength to withstand wind and rain, and to remain virtually unblemished. The colour of the rose is white with a tone of cream in the centre.

A moderate scent lingers. The bush is vigorous, but maintains a  neat growth pattern with pickable flowers. The base of the bush is clothed with glassy,  disease resistant foliage. It may be grown as a specimen in the garden or in a pot, and can also be used for larger beds in free landscaping.

Please print out your receipt and collect your order from Ludwig’s Roses – View list of branches here.

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