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Climate Change

Authors: Mary Scholes, Mike Lucas, Robert Scholes

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2 in stock

• How do greenhouse gases regulate the Earth’s temperature?
• How hot will it get?
• Will South Africa run out of water?
• Isn’t climate change just part of a long-term natural cycle?
• Do cow-farts really cause global warming?
• Is sea-level rise something to worry about?
• Will marine fisheries collapse?
• Can solar and wind power meet our energy needs?
• How can I reduce my carbon footprint?
• Is there any chance of runaway global warming?

These and many other questions are answered in this full-colour illustrated book.

Climate change affects us all, but it can be a confusing business. Three leading South African scientists who have worked on the issue for over two decades help you to make sense of this topic. Climate Change: Briefings from Southern Africa takes the form of 55 ‘frequently-asked questions’, each with a brief, clear scientifically up-to-date reply. The authors’ introduction provides an overview of current national and international policies aimed at regulating climate change. The four main sections take you through the science of how the climate system works, the projected impacts in Southern Africa during the 21st century, what this means for South African society, and what can be done to avoid harm