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Society, Health and Disease in South Africa

Authors: Kezia Lewins, Leah Gilbert, Liz Walker, Lorena Nunez-Carrasco, Rajohane Matshedisho, Silvie Cooper, Terry-Ann Selikow

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The onset of the quadruple burden of disease in South Africa, the challenges faced by the medical establishment to curtail the rapid growth of multiple epidemics, the inadequate response by the state to various inequities in the health system, and the public debates associated with it, have all combined to draw attention to the sociological aspects of health and disease. Sociology as a resource of knowledge and a unique analytical and conceptual perspective can be used to understand, explain and positively influence the course of health and disease in South African society and our responses to it.

As a health practitioner or scholar you must be equipped with the skills to critically evaluate research and debates in your profession, be able to adapt to changes and contribute to the development of knowledge and best practice. This reader will familiarise you with relevant content and assist you to develop the analytical capacity and conceptual skills you will need.

Society, Health and Disease in South Africa is authored by experienced educators and researchers in the fields of sociology, social work, anthropology, healthcare policy and practice.